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Thank you for visiting the Inhabitat Shop! The Inhabitat Shop is a carefully curated online marketplace designed to deliver first-class access to a hand-picked group of environmentally-conscious merchants. In short, we are a centralized, online location through which independent green designers and eco retailers engage consumers. When an order is placed, we send an electronic message to the appropriate merchant, and the merchant then ships the item to you independently. We do not stock any merchandise locally. If you are a customer experiencing an issue with an order, please contact your merchant directly by using the drop-down menu below. Your merchant is indicated on the automatically-generated confirmation email you received when your purchase was completed. Please contact your merchant BEFORE you contact Inhabitatshop. This direct line of communication will ensure your issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Mailing address: Inhabitat, 7 Essex St, 5A. New York, New York 10002
Phone Number: (646) 820-2724

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