PowerFilm Rollable Solar Charger (5W, 15.4V)
PowerFilm Rollable Solar Charger (5W, 15.4V)
This rollable charger can provide power to your cellphone, GPS, MPS, and other devices. The solar panels are monolithically integrated, eliminating the damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells and were initially designed for the military. This rollable charger is cadmium-free and performs well in diverse environments (including hot sun), and does not suffer from wasted over-voltage. Waterproof fabric backing.

POWER/CURRENT: 5 Watts, 15.4 Volts, 0.3 Amps

DIMENSIONS: 11.5" x 21" (unrolled). 11.5" x 4" diameter (rolled)

WEIGHT: 0.6 lbs.
Price - $119.00

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